Artist Statement

My work features patterns, repeating units that interlock on a picture plane. These patterns are derived from the world around me. Whether viewing crowds of figures, housing developments, or satellite images of a city, the repetition of accumulating units come together to complete a puzzle of compacted space. I enjoy creating a place that emphasizes the tension between the individual unit (the person in the crowd, the house on a neighborhood street) and the whole (the composition of the painting, the subdivision, the mass of people). This tension is exaggerated through the flattening of space, the overlaying of pattern, the emphasis of linearity, exaggerated caricature-like representations, simplified forms, and the build up of the paint material on the surface of the canvas. Rendering familiar scenes, like a sports crowd, I create a strange atmosphere that allows and invites the viewer to question the assumed cultural norms that create these scenes


Feel free to email any inquiries about the work or possible commission.